Consulting Services at its best.

Extraordinary People. Extraordinary Results.

Illustris, LLC

Illustris was born with the concept of: Extraordinary People. Extraordinary Results. Why that slogan? We strongly believe that Extraordinary People deliver Extraordinary Results, that is why. We dedicate to help our customers to the maximum, providing them with a high quality service.

Why should you consider doing business with us?

Because we dedicate to solve the problem in the best way possible, which in turn provides you with the highest Return On Investment. Our services vary from:
  • Consulting
  • Administration
  • Support
  • Training

What we are not

Are we looking for a quick sale? No, not interested in that type of business. We seek to establish a long term rapport with you and your company. To provide true business value for the present and future.

What we do

We help organizations identify their weak points (Points of Failure Analysis) in order to become more efficient and productive. These processes and solutions vary by industry and needs; sometimes utilizing technology and others with no technology at all.

✔ Are we missing a technology that you use or are interested on that list? If so, it does not mean that we cannot help you. As much as we would like to list all the technologies we've used in the past it would not make a one line introduction a one line introduction. Just because the technology or product is not listed it does not mean we have not used it or know it.

✔ Our solutions are still working after years of being incorporated as they were originally architected and deployed. They have accommodated and scaled to the growing needs and continue to be effective and useful.


✔ You are the principal of a company and would like to get your data to work for you

✔ You would like to make the most of your existing or new systems/products/platforms

✔ You would like to find and analyze your weaknesses and or points of failures in your organization

✔ Re-Engineer your business processes by utilizing technology and/or solutions

✔ You need actionable insights from your data, but are struggling to understand and process such data

Having trouble finding a Resource?

It is not easy to find a "good" resource nowadays, particularly a knowledgeable one. Let us help you resolve this problem. Our experience goes back to the "infant" days of .Net, SQL, SharePoint and Big Data.